Covid 19 Update

APRIL 2022

As of the 18th April 2022 we still require face coverings to be worn in reception and the consulting room. It will still be one client per pet in the consulting room.

March 2022

As of Monday the 21st March we will be allowing clients back into the consulting room.

It will be one client per pet and face coverings must be worn and hand sanitiser used on entry and exit.

You will still need to wait in your car on arrival and we will come out when it is time for your appointment.

Thank you for bearing with us over the past two years of restrictions we know it has not been easy to hand your pet over at the door.

JUNE 2021:

We would like to thank all our clients for bearing with us during the pandemic and continuing to understand the way we are working to help keep everyone safe.

Many people have been asking why clients are not allowed back into our consulting room, so here is our explanation:

We have taken the decision that as we are such a small team, we are going to wait until we are all fully vaccinated before inviting clients back in with their pets. As our consulting room is fairly small, and if the clients are holding their pets, it would mean close contact with a large number of people every day and we feel that this still poses a significant risk, and one we are not willing to take as our priority is keeping everyone safe.

So as a Practice we would like to say thank you for bearing with us for a bit longer during these unprecedented times.


March 2020

The ongoing situation regarding Covid 19 is impacting all of us and in this time of uncertainty we want to reassure you that providing care for our clients and pets remains our top priority.

Our Practice remains open for business in Broadford. Please phone 01471 822922 to make an appointment and you will be advised of the current measures in place to keep everyone safe.


*************We are now able to do puppy and kitten vaccinations **************

This now also includes booster vaccinations and neutering

The same social distancing measures apply. Please contact the Practice for further information.

Food and medication can be collected from a pre-arranged collection point at the Practice and where required medication can also be posted out.

**************************KYLE UPDATE*************************

*****************OPEN FOR VACCINATIONS ONLY*****************

The Kyle branch is will now be opening one night per week as of Thursday 10th September for vaccinations only at this time. It is strictly by appointment. As the Kyle branch is so small, unfortunately nobody will be allowed in the waiting room. Payment will be taken in Broadford at the time of booking. Please make sure all dogs are on a lead and the collar is tight enough that it does not slip over your pets head. All cats to be secured in a cat basket.

Thank you for your understanding.


  • If you do have to bring your pet to one of our practices, we will ask you to remain in your car and telephone the practice to let them know you have arrived.  Once you have let us know you have arrived, we will send a member of staff to your car to collect your pet.
  • If you do have to come into one of our practices, we will only allow one person per pet and we will ask you to remain 2 meters away from staff members.
  • We are encouraging card payments rather than cash to help maintain hygiene standards in our Practice
  • Please be flexible, over the coming months, we appreciate this may cause you some inconvenience, but hope you understand that in these unprecedented circumstances  we are doing everything we can to ensure we can operate to the best of out ability.


  • You display potential Coronavirus-like symptoms (cough or fever)
  • You have been in contact with anyone displaying these symptoms


  • Please arrange for a friend or relative to attend on your behalf (without coming into contact with them yourself)
  • Call and book a telephone consultation (This is a normal length consultation and the usual fees apply)
  • Call and we will make arrangements for a safe drop-off/collection of your pet or safe collection of food/medication

Please follow the NHS advice to help keep yourself and our staff safe we ask that all clients familiarise  themselves with the current NHS advice on avoiding catching or spreading covid-19:

Thank you for your support over the coming weeks and months. We will keep in touch with you should the situation change further. please keep an eye on our website.