At the Old School Vet Practice we will endevour to treat all wildlife casualties. However if there is little or no chance of recovery then sadly we will need to put them to sleep as it is the kindest thing to do for them.

Wild animals that are injured tend to die due to the stress of being captured and handled, therefore to reduce the stress on the animal minimal contact is best.

So please remember that it is nearly always best to leave wildlife where it is, if you think a wild animal is in danger please contact us by phone on 01471 822922 or the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999. Minimal contact gives the animal the best chance of survival.

If there is no alternative and you need to handle a wildlife casualty then please remember that they are more likely to attack you due to the panic and stress levels that they will be suffering so extreme caution is required.Image result for injured wildlife uk


Portrait of a grey seal (c) Sam Eklund



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